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sstfb got in linux-2.4.9-ac4

yep, yesterday, sstfb got included in alan's tree.
linux-2.4.9-ac4 , a definitive milestone version ;-)

Posted by Ghozlane Toumi 2001-08-31

back from holidays : bad news

back from vacations, only to find that my hard drive crashed badly, it makes scary sounds and won't spinup. i'm cursed i guess. i lost my complete archive + personnal files . and i'm mad .

Posted by Ghozlane Toumi 2001-08-21

sstfb : released 20010801 snapshot

At last I released a nice tarball of the latest sstfb CVS.
ok, the odds are that it will not work right away, but can still can give it a try.

Posted by Ghozlane Toumi 2001-08-01

sstfb : Project update (at last)

I know, it's been a while since last update, but hey, i have a good news for the few souls following this fb driver (read 'me') : I've been reworking on the driver for real this time!

Please check the CVS repository for latest version, I'll generate a package once I fix one or 2 annoying bug .

what's new since last update :
- The driver's been updated to support latest 2.2 and 2.4 kernels,
- It now supports Voodoo based boards (I actually bought one). well there are some issues left with it but it mostly works
- added module options (sorry, no doc yet, read the source)
- almost forgot : reworked the internal of fb API implementation, more standard, cleaner...porting to ruby (linuxconsole project)/fbgen should be easier.... read more

Posted by Ghozlane Toumi 2001-07-12

Still alive ?

Well. almost.
I'm the proud owner of an alpha box, and i spent a good part of my free time playing with it, i'll be back on the developpement of the driver "realy soon now" ...
i still have to rebuild my own PC since a recent moving, so i'll update the CVS .. uh.. "realy soon now" too...

Posted by Ghozlane Toumi 2001-01-15

back released sstfb 20000228

it seems that the cvs tree is not yet updated,
so here is the last "working" driver avaiable.
as soon as the cvs repository is working i'll submit the new "not that much working" version.
meanwhile back to work...

Posted by Ghozlane Toumi 2000-09-25


ok, i just began learning all the sourceforge stuff, so now, next step is trying to figure out how to "upload" my CVS tree to sourceforge's
and after that getting back to work, of course :)

Posted by Ghozlane Toumi 2000-09-22

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