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Version 1.1 released

Version 1.1 is a dusting off the codebase.

Posted by Lee 2016-06-23

Mac OSX Fix so server select works right.

News worthy was a fix to Mac OSX to enable the server to run correctly. timeval.tv_usec on a mac doesn't like to be bigger then 999,999. Also fixed the frequency so idle is called at the right frequency.

Posted by Lee 2008-01-06

Mac OSX support

Since I now own a mac (and loving it) I am fixing some compile time and runtime errors. Most notably the SockAddr class had to be rewritten to have a member variable of sockaddr_in instead of diriving from it. I also implemented a fix to SimpleServer and TelnetServer to fix the select returning an Invalid Param error. This was because it was not using the timeval structure correctly for osx. I haven't diagnosed it yet, but the way I was using tv_usec was causing the issue. Sleep time is temporarily hard coded to 1 second.

Posted by Lee 2008-01-02

Dusting things off

Dusting things off finally. See the tasks area for a complete list of changes. The big ticket item is going to be removing compile errors in newer compilers. They were not happening on Mandrake 8.0, my development system at the time. The second item, perhaps the bigger ticket is to get java support setup. No real estimate at this point. Thanks for all the support!

Posted by Lee 2006-01-26

Version 1.01.01 relased

Win32 build fixes included in this release

Posted by Lee 2001-09-25

Version 1.01 released

Namespace added and fix to server socket.

Posted by Lee 2001-09-23

Version 1.0a Released

This is a minor revision to fix win32 build environment.

Posted by Lee 2001-09-08