OpenSSI 1.1.0 for Red Hat 9

OpenSSI Clusters for Linux Leverages HP's NonStop Clusters for Unixware and various open source technologies to provide a full, highly-available SSI (Single System Image) clustering environment for Linux. Goals include availability, scalability and manageability.New features include several CFS performance enhancements and the integration of LVS-NAT. POSIX process groups and multi-threaded applications can now atomically migrate as a group. Also, processes can migrate while holding file record locks. New commands include 'fast' and 'fastnode'. Several files have been added to /proc/cluster for dynamic modification of nodedown detection parameters. Finally, a variety of bugs have been fixed.

OpenSSI 1.1.0 is a development release, and is not necessarily suitable for production use. The Red Hat 9 version should only be used for upgrading from OpenSSI 1.0.0. New installs should be done on Fedora Core 2 or Debian.

You can find our latest release here:

Posted by Brian J. Watson 2004-10-07

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