OpenSSI 0.9.9 for Red Hat 8

OpenSSI 0.9.9 for Red Hat 8 includes a new subsystem for handling RC scripts
on a clusterwide basis. It allows certain services to be started on all nodes,
while others are just started on the init node. It also enables clusterwide
shutdown, clusterwide run-level change, and better failover of init node
services. See docs/rc-design-notes for more info.

Process load-leveling has been made easier to configure, thanks to the
clusterwide RC subsystem. Just add the full pathname for any program you
wish to load-level to /etc/sysconfig/loadlevellist and reboot the cluster.
For your convenience, a hardlink to /bin/bash has been created and added to
this list. Its name is /bin/bash-ll. Any program you launch from a bash-ll
prompt is eligible for load-leveling.

A few new packages are being replaced by OpenSSI versions: SysVinit,
initscripts, and chkconfig. The init program installed can run properly on
either OpenSSI or the base. It uses /etc/inittab in both cases, rather
than the old way of using /etc/inittab.ssi on OpenSSI.

New scripts are used for installing the OpenSSI packages, configuring your
cluster, and adding new nodes. They create CDSLs (context-dependent symlinks)
for various directories where you probably want different data on each node,
such as /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts for configuring external networking.

Various bugs were fixed, including ones in HA-LVS, rexec load-leveling, and
an strace bug that occurred when following children. A clusterwide semaphore
bug was discovered and fixed while trying to run Oracle 9i on OpenSSI.

Hopefully you consider OpenSSI 0.9.9 for Red Hat 8 to be a big improvement
over previous OpenSSI releases.

Posted by Brian J. Watson 2003-08-02

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