OpenSSI 0.9.6 is available

Since 0.8.0, OpenSSI has been booted on more than 67 IA-32 nodes. It includes a first cut of HA-CFS, which allows the cluster to lose its CFS root filesystem server node and continue running, if another node is attached to the same disk. The Lustre and NFS clients were integrated (non-root). LVS now automatically registers any socket that does a listen(). Unix domain sockets, SysV shared memory, and SysV semaphores are all clusterwide.

A /proc interface can now be used to migrate a process, rather than SIGMIGRATE. An ssidevfs mount is now done for every node, and /dev is a context symlink into the ssidevfs for a process' node. CFS now supports file locking via fcntl(). The SSI version of util-linux has been merged with 2.11z. The xinetd server is now run on all nodes by default.

Various bugs have been fixed, including races, hangs, panics, and problems with strace on IA64 and Alpha.

The latest version of OpenSSI is 0.9.6. Both binary RPMs and source code can be found on the Summary page.

Posted by Brian J. Watson 2003-04-04

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