SSI 0.7.1 release for Linux 2.4.16

The biggest feature enhancement is coherent cluster-wide shared mapped
file support through CFS. This allows programs such as RPM and keepalive
to work with a CFS root. Another enhancement is the addition of a few
more remote socket ops that allow accept(), getsockname(), and
getpeername() to be called on a socket that is remote from its process.
Also, --bind mounts are now completely local, which is a quick-and-dirty
way to allow context-dependent symlinks (CDSLs). True CDSLs will be
available sometime in the future.

This release includes fixes for various build problems. It also fixes
some problems with large numbers of nodes joining simultaneously. ICS
and CLMS logging has been improved, and a bunch of other bugs have been

Posted by Brian J. Watson 2002-09-03

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