After having read the existing papers about OpenSSI some users start with regression testing and bug hunting.  People more inclined can do benchmarking, submit bug fixes and patches to improve the existing code base, and porting to a newer distro.  Long term contributors choose to become maintainers of certain user space utilities or kernel sub-systems.  Major contributors also influence the future direction of OpenSSI.

Our goals today are getting to 2.0 stable, making the release, and porting to a newer Linux kernel to facilitate upgrading to the latest Red Hat and Debian distributions.

For research Laura did some work on proc hooks, enabling OpenSSI to load as kernel modules, and eventually submit for inclusion into the Linux kernel.

Off my head there are some features that if implemented would make OpenSSI more exciting.  For example transparent socket migration with process migration, container-based virtualization, individual thread migration, distributed process checkpointing, etc.


On Wed, May 5, 2010 at 10:37 AM, Pablo Pessolani <ppessolani@hotmail.com> wrote:
   I am interested to know: How can I participate in the OpenSSI project? 
   I am trying to find a interesting theme for my doctoral thesis.
   I have experience and skills in:
  • Communications and  Networking ( MSc. in Data Networks)
  • Real-time operating systems (MINIX4RT)
  • General Purpose Operating System internals (Professor since 1992)
  • Distributed Operating Systems (Professor since 2001)
Thanks in advance.
Pablo Pessolani
Facultad Regional Santa Fe
Universidad Tecnológica Nacional
Santa Fe - Argentina

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