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On Thu, Apr 8, 2010 at 5:57 AM, John Hughes <john@calva.com> wrote:
Shane wrote:
I was reading in the notes on the 'downloads' section of the website
that OpenSSI is only good for Fedora, Debian, and Red Hat 9. Are those
set in stone or would it run on other linux flavors as well? I have 3
small clusters that I've been using for a while for my software and
none of them are of the supported flavors listed by OpenSSI. (I have
OSX, RHE, and Gentoo).
OpenSSI uses some modified versions of the base packages of the OS (for example, I've attached the list for Debian Sarge).

If you want to install OpenSSI on some other OS you have to port the OpenSSI changes to the other OS.

The hard part is dealing with the cascading dependencies - The "official" OpenSSI kernel is based on 2.6.11, and so can't use a udev newer than 0.056 or so.  I've ported the OpenSSI patches to 2.6.14 (with some known bugs), so we can use up to udev 0.80.   The version of udev in Debian Lenny requires at least kernel 2.6.18.

Many packages require a more modern udev - as I downgrade the Debian Lenny version from 0.125 to 0.80 I have to provide a few out of date packages to make Lenny work - see http://deb.openssi.org/openssi/dists/1.9.6-lenny-preview/extras

If you want to try OpenSSI I seriously recommend using one of the supported distributions.  Personally I think that the Debian version is the easiest to install, and the Debian Lenny based distribution is the most "up to date".

If you want to get an idea what OpenSSI is like without messing up one of your working clusters try installing OpenSSI under a virtual monitor: KVM, QEMU, Xen (HVM only at the moment).

(I'm writing this message from an OpenSSI cluster where some of the nodes are running in Xen HVM virtual machines.  I do most of my testing in clusters built from QEMU virtual machines).

OpenSSI packages for Debian Sarge:

am-utils_6.0.9-3.2.ssi1.tar.gz 12-Oct-2008 09:24 1.4M
cluster-tools_1.9.3-0.tar.gz 12-Oct-2008 08:38 278K
devfsd_1.3.25-19.ssi2.tar.gz 12-Oct-2008 09:17 65K
dpkg_1.10.28.ssi1.tar.gz 12-Oct-2008 09:21 2.1M
drbd0.7.tar.gz 12-Oct-2008 09:23 126K
drbd_0.7.24-1.ssi2.tar.gz 12-Oct-2008 09:23 287K
e2fsprogs_1.37-2sarge1.ssi2.tar.gz 12-Oct-2008 09:17 3.4M
initrd-tools_0.1.81.1.ssi2.tar.gz 12-Oct-2008 09:21 33K
kernel-ssi-latest-2.6-i386_102.ssi2.tar.gz 12-Oct-2008 09:27 3.6K
logrotate_3.7-5.ssi1.tar.gz 12-Oct-2008 09:21 50K
netdump_0.6.11-1.tar.gz 12-Oct-2008 09:23 40K
nfs-utils_1.0.6-3.1.ssi1.tar.gz 12-Oct-2008 09:23 263K
openssi-tools_1.9.3-3.tar.gz 12-Oct-2008 09:17 541K
portmap_5-9.ssi2.tar.gz 12-Oct-2008 09:23 27K
procps_3.2.1-2.ssi3.tar.gz 12-Oct-2008 09:22 289K
strace_4.5.8-1.2.ssi2.tar.gz 12-Oct-2008 09:22 631K
sysvinit_2.86.ds1-1.ssi3.tar.gz 12-Oct-2008 09:20 176K
udev_0.056-3.ssi1.tar.gz 12-Oct-2008 09:27 500K
util-linux_2.12p-4sarge1.ssi3.tar.gz 12-Oct-2008 10:48 2.0M

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