now I working on DRBD of OpenSSI
   I download the software below:
  • Fedora Core 2
  • openssi-fc2-1.2.2.i686.tar (The OpenSSI 1.2.2 package for Fedora Core)
  • drbd-ssi-1.2.2-20050712.tar.bz2 (This can be found in the contrib section)
  • kernel-ssi-source-2.4.22-1.2199.nptl_ssi_9.i686.rpm (Kernel source for building DRBD module)
  •     and I install just under the guidline:http://wiki.openssi.org/go/FC2_DRBD_Root_Failover_HOWTO
       but I can not get the DRBD to work:(
       the problem I got are:
      1 after I install the FC2, I configure the Kernel under the gurdline,and exrtact the drbd-ssi-1.2.2-20050712.tar.bz2. and  I complie the DRBD software successfully!( I use "make" command the build and return" Build successful"),but when I use"make install"to install the DRBD, the system return "the make install up to date",and there are not drbd.conf under /etc, drbdsetup under /sbin, etc
      2 when I use "dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/hda3",the system return the message:I/O error,I know the command just convert the /dev/hda3 to a image,but I don not understand the what the parameter "dev/zero" mean.
         when I use "mkinitrd --drbd --cfs -f /boot/initrd-xxx .img ' kernel version'",the system return message:"device-mapper:ioctl interface mismatch:kernel(1.0.3),user(4.0.0),cmd(0)"
      3 so I copy the drbd.conf to /etc,and modify the file like what the http://wiki.openssi.org/go/FC2_DRBD_Root_Failover_HOWTOsay,
          now I do not understand what the "device /dev/drbd/0"mean! what is /dev/drbd/0? the /dev/drbd/0 is built during the process of building DRBD?
          I modified the fstab: just Replace the "UUID=..." part to "/dev/drbd/0".
          and edit grub.conf by "kernel /vmlinuz-2.4.22-1.2199.nptl_ssi_9smp ro root=UUID=1328dbae-dff5-43e3-a2a7-7b417f7b2af9 panic=15" to make it
       "kernel /vmlinuz-2.4.22-1.2199.nptl_ssi_9smp ro drbd root=UUID=1328dbae-dff5-43e3-a2a7-7b417f7b2af9 panic=15"
          then I restart the PC the kernel can not boot any more! it show some message below:
         Setting DRBD resource primary
         mount:special device /dev/drbd/0 dose not exit
         ERROR: mounting root file system failed
        can you tell me what's wrong?