I want to make an SSI Cluster and I'm hoping to minimize the grief I'll endure during the process.  So I was hoping I could get some advice on how to start.
Of the Linux distribution and SSI version combinations available, what seems to be the easiest to install?  What seems to work the best once it's up and running?  Should I go with Fedora or Debian?  SSI stable version 1.2.x or SSI development 1.9.x?  My needs are minimal.  This is really just a hobby and I only want to run a few simple things on it like apache, maybe a dns, maybe MySQL, and etc.
Also, reading over the Debian installation, one thing is really not clear to me.  Do I need to somehow install the drivers for all my "slave" nodes' NICs on the "master" (init) node?  I'm really not sure how I'd go about finding out what those drivers are, nor how to compile them into the kernel once I know what they are.  Could anyone give me some help on this part?
- GM