The CentOS 4 kernel is able to finish initializing, execve and other syscalls work.  KDB also works and in my point of view getting the rest of the system going is not that hard compared to porting.  So I decided to take a breather.  I switched to another sub-project I had going.

There are a few sub-projects for OpenSSI.  One of them is this CentOS 4 kernel.  The other is porting CentOS 4 userspace which is done and I'm just testing.  Another sub-project is optimizing the existing OpenSSI code base in the kernel.  There were a few items that could be improved.

CentOS 5 coming soon..  ;-)

On Tue, Oct 12, 2010 at 8:06 PM, Christopher G. Stach II <> wrote:
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> Ran into a few issues with KDB. The main issue is the do_int3()
> function prototype in the existing KDB patch is a fastcall which looks
> for arguments in the CPU registers, but the revised int3 trap pushes
> the arguments on the stack. That was a tricky one to catch.
> Now it looks like we got a working CentOS 4 kernel for OpenSSI...

I haven't had time to bang on OpenSSI in a few years, but I'm still interested. Your announcement seems to have been a dud, but I think it's great news. Thanks! CentOS 5 next month, right? ;)

Christopher G. Stach II

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