Two new branches have been created in CVS for CentOS 4.

1) OPENSSI-CENTOS for OpenSSI / modified files.
2) CENTOS for base / unmodified files.

For user space packages OPENSSI-CENTOS is a branch of CENTOS.  CENTOS branch contains the minimal file set required to create patches for building OpenSSI modified CentOS 4 packages.

In the past the entire base user space package is imported into CVS.  For example see FEDORA branch.  To minimize the size of our CVS repository we no longer do this.  From now on we check-in only what is necessary to create the OpenSSI patches for user space packages.

Also the srpms CVS module is no longer populated for CENTOS.  The CentOS 4 source packages can be obtained from various CentOS 4 mirrors.  See the OpenSSI CVS log comments for the name and version of the CentOS 4 package where the file came from - e.g. comment for openssi/mkinitrd/mkinitrd will contain "...from mkinitrd-".  Also the name of the CVS tag on the CENTOS branch is derived from the name of the CentOS 4 package - e.g. MKINITRD-4_2_1_13-1 tag.

Special case for the kernel: OPENSSI-CENTOS is an alias for the trunk.  There are a few exceptions where OPENSSI-CENTOS is a branch off the trunk to accommodate strace utility from CentOS 4.

The repository has been initially populated with files for CentOS 4.6.  When the repository is ready it will contain files for building OpenSSI-2.0.0rc1 for CentOS 4.8.