On Fri, Jun 25, 2010 at 2:10 PM, Scott Walters <scott@slowass.net> wrote:
I'm just back from YAPC at Ohio, YAPC being the Perl conference.
 I gave a talk on scaling Plack (a Perl version of the Rack Web
interface/toolkit idea) applications using OpenSSI. 
Plack worker-processes can be automatically or manually

Cool.  As always any talk on using OpenSSI is much appreciated.
UPS batteries), but are the OpenSSI kernels patched against
Linux kernel exploits such as the somewhat recent protocol
structure buffer overflow?  I'm hoping to start handing out

Not the recent exploits.  Hopefully in the future we can migrate to a long-term supported base kernel such as 2.6.27.y which will have all the patches.  For now assume the kernels don't have any backported security patches.