I plugged in the changes that I could. This didn't seem to help. Also, I found an SMP system inhouse running SUSE 9.2 on the same hardware as my OpenSSI system and ran the test. No failures. So it doesn't look like a Base OS issue. I am back to OpenSSI related. I guess my next step is to look at the possibility that I may have a race condition on in-flight ops in CFS.

- John Steinman

On 8/21/06, John Steinman <> wrote:

I took your suggestion to check to see if my problem could have been fix in the base. I did some more research on this problem over the weekend. It looks like between and there were some interesting changes made to fs/locks.c to correct some file locking problems. I not sure that they correct the problem I am seeing but I am in the process of trying to port these changes back to my OpenSSI kernel to run my test against them.

One fix I think needs to be done is in locks_remove_posix would be to use F_SETLKW. Currently we use F_SETLK and we don't check the return status.

More to follow,

John Steinman

John F. Steinman