Any progress on the Ubuntu packages?  I'd really like to start using OpenSSI with Ubuntu (Dapper).  Or, it might be good to mention in a FAQ somewhere what people need to do to manually build OpenSSI for their particular distro since this question tends to come up a lot.  If you can provide a list of what needs to be done, I'm comfortable with patching software and building packages, etc.

On 12/8/06, John Hughes <> wrote:
Carsten Maass wrote:
> Dear list,
> does someone know when there will be a release of Debian packages for
> OpenSSI 1.9.2?
I'm working on 1.9.3 for Debian Sarge.  In a typical Debian style it'll
be done when it's done.
> And are there any plans to also release packages for Ubuntu? I read
> something about a cooperation with the Ubuntu folks, but there hasn't
> been any news on this topic during the last months.

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