I'v tested the curren CVS snapshot of CI and OpenSSI for SUSE. Here my results:
- The ci/Makefile must be edited. The variable CTDIR must be set to "cluster-tools-1.9.2". Then make rpms in the ci directory works fine.
- After Installation with root failover the first boot will work very slowly, but it does. Then i've executed the command ssi-ksync without errors (Okay, there's still only one node). Finaly i've changed an entry in the /etc/fstab file (second swap space to node 2). Well all done, i've rebooted the system again. But then it hangs on "starting dhcp server" and the keyboard lights for caps and scroll lock are flushing very fast. No keyboard interaction is possible. After Power off/on the system boots up only until the same point. What could i do now?