Hello all,


            I’m trying to install SSI on my woody box, but the installation doc it’s a little bit confusing….why not develop for debian???...wel, that’s other question…..


            These are my steps:


1)       Compiled kernel: OK. It’s necessary to compile with CONFIG_FILTER in order dhcpd (debian version) works.


2)       make install_ssi_debian. OK, but it says my box does not run a NSC kernel(because I did not reboot still)


3)  In debian, I had to do: debSSI-n1:/etc/init.d#  update-rc.d -f dhcp remove   to avoid “dh” process fail with your inittab.ssi config.


3)       Now what??? Do I need to generate an fstab.ssi?? To mount –bind /cluster/…. In /etc/network. At this stage, is my first node configured???



Sorry my English, I’m Spanish……. J


Un saludo.

Feliz Navidad y Feliz Año Nuevo


Happy Christmas and happy new year!!