hi for all...
   im needing some help with openSSI running over Debian(openSSI 1.9.1)
So.. the propose is improve performance to postgreSQL. After ran the cluster.. and put 5nodes into that i run postgres and so run pgbench to see the results... I really increase the performance, but in the node that im running the postmaster i get a lot of messages:
reop_export_path: Can't export unlinked file /SYSV0052e2c1 (deleted)
 What this mean? If im doing an UPDATE or INSERT, can it make my database inconsistence?
Sometime im getting this too:
reop_import_path: no such path: /cluster/node5/dev.null
So.. how can i solve this problems?
Other thing is that im thinking I/O disks so slow... sometimes, very slow... the machines is Dell PowerEdge 2800, with hyperthreading ... two XEON 3.8 and 4gb of memory... with SCSI...


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