(I wasn't sure if this was a users or a developers issue/question so I am posting it to both. Apologies in advance if you receive this twice!)

I have 24 P3 Dell OptiPlexes that I am planning on using to build a cluster. I have already tested the idea with KNOPPIX-3.6_OpenSSI-1.2.0 with 3 of the Dells running diskless nodes: works great. I'd like to take the next step and install FC3 on one of my boxes, and get a permanent cluster with two NICs (public and private) going.

What I really want to use the cluster for is for BOINC computation, climateprediction.net more specifically. Running 24 Dell boxes, each with their own disk and system to install and manage, is hard (!!!) and will prove to be a nightmare, I am sure. Quite frankly, they will also eat up more energy that if they are diskless, driveless, etc. OpenSSI offers me the potential to move processes between nodes, and also, I imagine, allows me to have a higher level view  of how my cluster is doing, etc. I guess what I want to know is:
  1. Has anyone had any experience running BOINC on a OpenSSI cluster?
  2. If so, how did it go? What are the things I should watch out for? What won't it do?
  3. Are there any other recommendations for cluster management software (OpenMosix, etc) that are known to work with BOINC? I've had no luck finding anything out there.
Best regards, and hope that someone has some useful info for me!
Ivan Stegic.