Thanks, john.  From working with openssi, I do like it, but it just isn't what we're looking for.  I'm going to keep around all the downloads in case we have a use for it though.  Thanks for the info!!

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Sent: Tuesday, June 03, 2003 2:03 PM
Subject: Re: [SSI-users] Shared disk wrote:
> Basically, what we'd like to have is a clustering setup with no shared
> disks, and failover capability . . . Can openSSI provide that??

Unfortunately, not at the moment. The pre-Linux implementation could
mirror data in a two-node failover configuration and provide this
capability. We haven't implemented this feature under Linux yet.

We are also working an external Lustre root that would would provide
this functionality, if you had an external Lustre server.

> What we're trying to do is set up a clustered sendmail environment  -- 
> has anyone done that??  Trying to keep the hardware at a minimum, so
> we want to avoid a front-end balancer, or a back-end shared disk.

You should also know that there is at least one bug that has been
annoying sendmail on my RH8 test systems. I don't know if it has been
fixed in the CVS repository, yet. (Perhaps your need can make it a
priority to fix.)

> Thanks again!