Hey, david . . . Definitely appreciate the response!

I actually got rid of this error.  I'm using kernel 2.4.18, so I set most of the required kernel options (make xconfig) BEFORE I installed the RPMs.  For some reason, this seemed to cause this error.

So, I simply enabled loopback support, and left all the others at their default values  --  things are rolling-along FINE now!

Thanks again . . . John.

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Please send the cluster_mkintird you ran, so we can see the options.
 Also, send your /etc/clustertab.  If you know how to get it, send the
linuxrc that is in your ramdisk.  Which network device are you using for
the cluster?  Send your /etc/modules.conf also.

jconrad@ucg.com wrote:

> Hello all!
> I saw this posted before, but I didn't see a response . . . And I'm
> having the exact same problem.
> I'm using 2.4.18, then, after I follow the install instructions for
> the binary RPMs and reboot, I get:
> Freeing unused kernel memory: 192k freed
> Note: unable to open serial console
> Mounting /proc
> Loading jbd module
> Jornalled Block Device driver loaded
> Loading ext3 module
> Gathering cluster info
> Configuring cluster
> pvpsop_get_execnode: pid 26 from never up node 0.
> Running pre-root cluster initialization
> ics_getifconfig: Invalid ics_netmask
>  ics_lltransport_config: ifconfig parameters incorrect.
> RTNL: assertion failed at devinet.c(797) ... At this point the kernel
> panics.
> Can anyone help me out with this . . . I've got nothing here!!  Thanks
> in advance!!!
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