Cumberland, Lonnie wrote:

Hello All,


In step 10 of the

It says to:


Add the module for your cluster-interconnect nic to /etc/mkinitrd/modules
(You can find out what it is by doing:

ls -ld  /sys/class/net/ethX/device/driver/module

where "ethX" is the nic you want to use). 


How do I do this?


I found out that the module is “e1000”

Ok, so you have an e1000 nic, but OpenSSI doesn't seem to find it.  Maybe our old version of the kernel doesn't know about your nice new card.

>From your base lenny system could you try doing a lspci to find out the pci id's of the card, something likeL

lspci -n -k

should show the interesting stuff

For example on one of my systems I get:
$ lspci -n -k
02:0c.0 0200: 8086:100e (rev 02)
	Kernel driver in use: e1000
	Kernel modules: e1000

Also, is the e1000 driver really being included in the ramdisk?

After you've installed OpenSSI, just before doing the reboot that doesn't work, examine the ramdisk:

# gunzip </boot/initrd.img-2.6.14-ssi-686-smp >/tmp/initrd
(replace initrd.img-2.6.14-ssi-686-smp with the real name of your initrd)
# mount -o loop /tmp/initrd /mnt
# ls -lR /mnt/lib/modules
Do you see e1000.ko somewhere under /mnt/lib/modules?
# ls -R /mnt/lib/modules/

kernel		modules.dep	     modules.isapnpmap	modules.seriomap
modules.alias	modules.ieee1394map  modules.ofmap	modules.symbols
modules.ccwmap	modules.inputmap     modules.pcimap	modules.usbmap

drivers  fs


8139cp.ko  e1000  mii.ko  tg3.ko


ext3  jbd