John Hughes wrote:
Cleir Araujo wrote:
Hello developers,
when i try to exec a simple program with pthreads, the
following message appears: "Cannot move process 775543 - 775543 is a system process".
If I "fix" it so the main thread waits for the workers (even though they will never finish) and then try migrating it I get:
add_thread_group:Cannot move process 438181 (calc) - cannot find all shares
add_thread_group: group(438181)/share imbalance 4/1
(This is on my 2.6.14 system, so it may have bugs that the standard 2.6.11 based system doesn't have).
I've also seen another error when trying to migrate the process:

$ migrate 1 395359 
migrate: process 395359 has exited/is exiting
$ dmesg | tail -1
add_thread_group:Cannot move process 394990 (gdm) has different tgid 394990 (expected 395359)
It seems confused about which threads belong to which processes.

I get the same behaviours with a 2.6.11 kernel based on CVS as of 16 March.