On Thu, Jan 28, 2010 at 7:19 AM, John Hughes <john@calva.com> wrote:
Roger Tsang wrote:
So at this point in time if we do make a release it will be 2.0.0rc1 unless you've run into new bugs not already in our tracker.  Any comments?
For Debian the userland would be based on Sarge (old-old-stable, only available from archive.debian.org).

If I'm not mistaken we know our userland works on CentOS 4 and on Debian Etch which are still being maintained.  So there is plenty of opportunity to port userland, but we need to draw the line somewhere right?  So far "2.0.0rc1" means "no known critical bugs in OpenSSI code" with a certain version of the kernel and userland.