As you know our last release was 2.0.0pre2 which is a snapshot of the 1.9.x development branch, but for the next release the reason we were thinking of going back with the version number to 1.9.6 was over time we noticed some serious bugs - not regressions.  Also in an effort to squash those bugs we've made a ton of changes to the core (OS kernel) compared to the year before.

However I haven't run into any hangs or crashes (caused by OpenSSI code) in the past couple weeks of uptime / "endurance" testing though it is by no means any torture test.  In fact it probably is safe to say that on SMP or with kernel preemption turned on this is doing better than OpenSSI-1.2 if memory serves me right.

So at this point in time if we do make a release it will be 2.0.0rc1 unless you've run into new bugs not already in our tracker.  Any comments?

After that the plan is to open 2.1 series for any new development such as porting to the newer Linux kernels and distro's.  It is an opportunity to migrate to Git repository too.

Speaking of which it would be nice to migrate our existing online documentation to the wiki so that even the not so technical users are free to contribute.  Hopefully it will also help address the issue that some bits of good info is buried in our mailing list, but would be a plus if merged with the existing documentation.