okay I made some changes to the kernel and managed to get NFS client working.  /proc/mounts shows nfs mounts are indeed local on each node and the NFS server shows the hostnames of the OpenSSI NFS client nodes.  :)


On 10/18/05, Roger Tsang <roger.tsang@gmail.com> wrote:
Okay my apologies (blush).  I thought the NFS hack has been ported to OpenSSI-1.9 - apparently not.  I'm getting RNFS_NOTIFY -5 error node 2 in the log while mounting on node 1 and error reading superblock.

NFS client support is in OpenSSI-1.2 however if you need that feature.


On 10/18/05, Roger Tsang < roger.tsang@gmail.com> wrote:
har har... someone playing a joke on us?  Where did you read that?  OpenSSI does support running NFS clients.

What it doesn't officially support (yet) is active-active nfsd (NFS server) clustering though I did briefly load-balance multiple nfsd's before (by accident) without any immediate problems.  Anyway that's unrelated to what you are trying to do building your OpenSSI cluster on NAS.


On 10/13/05, Max Staufer <max.staufer@gmx.net > wrote:
Hi there,

I recently raed, that NFS support is not avialiable in the ̉penSSI 2.6
kernel. Because we want to use a NAS solution within the cluster I would
like too know when NFS-CLIENT Support will become availiable.



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