Okay.  I'm getting this SSH problem on Fedora 1.9.1 too, but occurs randomly.

See if you can apply my big patch I released just lastnight on the devel mailing list.  Test it out on a separate test OpenSSI cluster first.  I haven't tested Debian development myself and wouldn't know.  Actually maybe you should test the latest CVS code before adding my patch.

I don't remember when was the last time I stopped getting the SSH problem, perhaps since my latest test kernel which is captured in that patch.


On 9/23/05, Chris Roddy <croddy@emory.edu> wrote:
No, this is version 1.9.1 (debian package is 1.9.1-0). I'll see what
more I can dig up.

I'll drop by the wiki and add some information about our system.



On Fri, 2005-09-23 at 22:39 +0200, Ivan Krstic wrote:
> Chris Roddy wrote:
> > Any ideas as to what could be
> > causing this? It is pretty annoying :-/
> Weird. I can't duplicate this on either of our Debian clusters. You're
> running OpenSSI 1.2, I assume? Have you tried seeing if the session's
> sshd process remains alive when a user session gets 'captured' like
> that? If so, attaching to it might give some insight about where it's stuck.
> I think Roger had found a SSH-related bug recently, but I can't remember
> if it pertains to this. Roger?
> Chris, we'd be much obliged if you told us a bit about your cluster on
> this page:
>  http://wiki.openssi.org/go/Users
> Roger already mentioned Emory on the page, so it would take only a
> minute for you to fill in some specifics - number of nodes and hardware,
> maybe.
> Thanks,
> Ivan.
Chris Roddy <croddy@emory.edu>

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