John Hughes wrote:
In it says:

NOTE: Should discuss how branches are synchronized using the MERGE-* tags.

Could someone give me some hints about what exactly is meant by this?
If it means I should do

    cvs up -jMERGE-DB-FC -jOPENSSI-FC

then it's pretty much a non-starter as it seems some vendor FC updates have been merged in.

NOTE: Emphasize that before merging a branch with newer base code, all recent OpenSSI/CI changes to that branch should first be synced to all other branches. Otherwise, the recent OpenSSI/CI changes are lost in the "noise" of the base changes.

And this?
As I said OPENSSI-FC seems to have some base code merges and the debian merge tags haven't been updated.

I'd guess that I just have to move the debian tags - no merge is needed.  True?