I’m looking for some help or assistance in setting up an OpenSSI cluster here at work. We’re looking at doing some HPC applications with some servers we already have and OpenSSI seems like the direction to go for this. I’m trying to get a feel for setting up the cluster on some dummy machines before moving to our main servers, but I’m having a real issue with getting it to run. After a successful install on either FC3 with SSI 1.9.1 or FC2 with SSI 1.2.2, there is an error when I go to boot into the kernel that says something to the extent of

kdb_cmd[0] : bpa panic_hook

Instruction(i) BP #0 at 0xC0128830 (panic_hook)

               is enabled globally adjust 1

and it goes on like that with the FC3 install. I’ve gone back in and run ssi-create to reinstall the config file, and mkinitrd –-cfs, But it has not changed anything. I tried to run ssi-ksync, but it will not let me run since I am not booted into an SSI Kernel. The main machine is a Dell Dimension 4100 w/ an 800MHz Pentium 3, 256mb of system ram, and a 60 gig hard drive. The only post I have found in the mailing list that even pertains to this is located here.




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