Hi People
I succeeded to install the root node openssi with debian lenny and the openssi 1.9.6.
After adding next-server [IP]; to the dhcp3.proto and did mkdhcpd.conf the .conf file showed at the bottom

ddns-update-style none;

and in the  host node 1 is this added.

filename "/pxelinux.0";

Following the guide 

When it says "Boot the second node into etherboot and use ssi-addnode to add it to the cluster:"

My second node is a machine with motherboard asus m2n-mx; I changed the boot option in the bios to the nforce adapter (network) 
but when I try to add to the main node, his mac address is not listed. 

What should I do to the second node? it is necessary to install the ssi kernel to it?

Thanks people for all the help!