I would say try using your setup.  CFS is based off of NFS and works similiarly.  With CFS the slave node mounts the / filesystem but all writing goes over the ethernet and then master writes to /.  Hopefully that helps.

OpenVPN is similiar, you'll just have to try.

BTW, when you are trying NFS you will have to add it to /cluster/lib/cfstab for it to work properly.


As for the 2.6 kernel

On 8/16/06, davidlott@comcast.net <davidlott@comcast.net> wrote:
I've read the docs and think that OpenSSI will meet my needs.  I have not yet installed or attempted an install because I'm confused about how the networking environment works.  Could those of you with experience comment on the following:
My target environment is an Apache web server, OpenVPN server with multiple tunnel interfaces, MySQL, and PHP.  All of this will run from an NFS mounted NAS device.  PHP goes out and polls SNMP information over the OpenVPN tunnels, stores in MySQL database, and front end is the web server.
My confusion comes from not understand how / if the following will work:
NFS mount - houses customer data and is the starting mount point for my Apache directories.  The whole SSI needs to see / use the NFS mount, just like any other server would use it.  I'm thinking this is a no brainer but then I read about implementing CFS and now I'm wondering if there is any tie between the two or if there is some special NAS side set up I have to do.
OpenVPN tunnel interfaces.  This is also linked with SOURCE IP address routing.  I get the fact that there is a CVIP that represents the virtual server image on top of the cluster.  I guess my ultimate question is, will all of my real servers be able to access the multiple tunnel interfaces.  The SNMP packet must be built with a specific tunnel interface and the traffic must flow down that tunnel to the remote site.  I cant see why this would not work if the whole system image can see the tunnel interface.
Lastly, what is the word on the kernal 2.6 release?  Soon, weeks, months away?   I'm assuming based upon what I have read that this will be the OpenSSI 2.0 release.
Thanks for the comments.
David Lott

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