Please cat your /etc/fstab and send the output.


On 5/26/06, Parolkar Innnovation Labs <abhishek.parolkar@gmail.com> wrote:
Hello all
   I have experience of installing and running two Open SSI Cluster with FC3. I am installing a new cluster where I have followed all necessary steps. After completing ./install on my first node . when I give:
       # mkinitrd --cfs -f  /boot/<full initrd name> <version>
it says
     unable to stat UUID:<some big hex no>
when i give mkinitrd with verbose it gives the above error after line where it initially checks for module mii.
When I boot the first node while pre cluster configuring
It says
permission denied for many paths like /bin/mount /sbin/<some_files>
Please kindly tell me the solution. I will be very thankfull.
Abhishek Parolkar