Confused as to why OpenSSI uses udev but are using an initrd as opposed to initramfs. On boot it fails with "unknown filesystem devfs". Installing openssi on debian etch removes the devfsd package and installs udev for some reason I cannot understand. Why would you use and initrd with udev if initrd wants to use devfs, moreover, why would you not compile devfs support into a kernel that uses an initrd image? There's no instructions that tell me to do anything different...I'd like to at least have a running OpenSSI machine before I start development! :)

My NIC module is in the initrd lib/modules, still doesnt load it for some reason, however. This is getting rediculous, I must have spent 4 days and 30+ hours trying to get the damn thing to boot. I mean, it sees the NIC in the directory, the kernel (stock debian) can use it and the ssi kernel has the module in it's modules folder. I don't know what else you have to do to get it to work!

Also, on compiling the kernel to attempt to add devfs support:

Compiling the kernel fails with any source package from apt-get or cvs:

include/linux/pagemap.h: In function `fault_in_pages_writeable':
include/linux/pagemap.h:208: error: `__put_user_lcl' undeclared (first use in this function)
include/linux/pagemap.h:208: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
include/linux/pagemap.h:208: error: for each function it appears in.)
include/linux/pagemap.h:218:48: macro "__put_user_lcl" passed 3 arguments, but takes just 2
include/linux/pagemap.h:228:34: macro "__get_user_lcl" passed 3 arguments, but takes just 2
include/linux/pagemap.h: In function `fault_in_pages_readable':
include/linux/pagemap.h:228: error: `__get_user_lcl' undeclared (first use in this function)
include/linux/pagemap.h:234:42: macro "__get_user_lcl" passed 3 arguments, but takes just 2
include/linux/pagemap.h:225: warning: unused variable `c'

I've since fixed these errors but there are still MORE errors! What is the proper compiler version, mine is 2.95.3. (Maybe it's my compiler? Although newer versions complain about the same thing.) I must have "patched" over 30 files and still going strong :3

If I could just get the kernel to compile, I could continue troubleshooting this thing.


Looking through the source I'm trying to patch things as I go but the deeper I get the more it looks like it's unfinished, even in the debian source packag