Anyone have any clues as to why cpufreq_multicore.patch is now broken?
Last July this worked fine...fresh co -r OPENSSI-FC as of 12-4-07 7:04AM
[root@venus openssi]# make fullkern
Cleaning sandboxes
Copying ../linux to ../linux-ssi
Applying UML patch to ../linux-ssi
Copying CI code into ../linux-ssi
Copying OpenSSI code into ../linux-ssi
Applying i386 patches to ../linux-ssi
>>> Applying kdb-i386-ssi.patch
>>> Applying Z50-kdb-i386-ssi_bad-msr.patch
Applying common patches to ../linux-ssi
>>> Applying bugfixes.patch
>>> Applying cpufreq_multicore.patch
cpufreq_multicore.patch, patch failed
make: *** [fullkern] Error 1