#21 Provide OpenSSI for RHEL4-type distributions



Why don't you supply OpenSSI facilities for RHEL4-based
binary compatible distributions?

As an example, in my environment, although I run quite
a few Fedora servers, these are being phased and moved
to the Scientific Linux 4 distribution, which I run
many more servers on now.

Scientific Linux 4 is recompiled RHEL4 based
distribution (recompiled for Red Hat SRPMS) like
CentOS, Whitebox, Tao, etc.

But basically, if you supply OpenSSI for RHEL4, then it
will "just work" for the other RHEL-based disttibutions
as they arebinary compatible with the vendors (Red
Hat's) releases.

Fedora Core, although a good distribution, cannot be
taken seriously for enterprise environments, it's
release cycle of 6-9 months with very limited support
thereafter is just extremely insufficient for
enterprise production servers, such a release cycle is
more catered to desktop users who rarely run
mission-critical applications.

Being caught with Fedora Core servers in production
environments leaves a constant upgrade path for any
Linux administrator.

I'd like to use OpenSSI and have tested it on an FC2
cluster, it works fine, but I can't take it seriously
if I can't take the OS its based on seriously.

I use Red Hat-based distributions for everything, and
use DRBD on some clusters also, so Debian and SUSE are
also not options.

Is it possible you could look at getting OpenSSI RPM's
out for RHEL4-based distributions?



  • Roger Tsang

    Roger Tsang - 2007-04-24

    Logged In: YES
    Originator: NO

    Our next Red Hat distribution upgrade will be from FC3 to CentOS.

  • Roger Tsang

    Roger Tsang - 2007-06-17
    • milestone: 139275 --> 1.9
    • priority: 5 --> 6
  • Roger Tsang

    Roger Tsang - 2007-06-17
    • labels: --> Red Hat Distribution
  • Roger Tsang

    Roger Tsang - 2009-05-24
    • status: open --> open-works-for-me
  • Roger Tsang

    Roger Tsang - 2009-05-24

    The OpenSSI packages for FC3 appears to be compatible with CentOS 4.


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