#4 ifconfig lo:1 crash with CFS root

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I tried to configure LVS with CFS root on ALPHA. I
have got LVS working without CFS root on IA32. I
haven't tested LVS on Alpha without CFS root.

setup. ->
two node Alpha Linux machine.
SSI kernel with CFS and LVS support.
on Master configure eth0:10
when i try to configure lo:1 on real server ie, node 2
the master says node2 is down.

I guess the problem is in networking.

I will try to do it in a IA32 machine so that i can
isolate whether it is a Alpha specific issue.



  • Aneesh Kumar K.V

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    It happens in a IA32 Machine also. Just configure a two node
    cluster with CFS and try to configure lo:0.

    Does the latest CFS modification touches the networking ?. I
    have succesfull created lo:0 before without using CFS root.

  • Aneesh Kumar K.V

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  • Aneesh Kumar K.V

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  • Aneesh Kumar K.V

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    My network here have netmask Using this
    netmask created the problem. When configuring VIP use
    netmask and specify the broadcast address
    explicitly. That made every thing work . I verified it on
    Alpha and IA32.


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