pyro1588 - 2012-09-15

Howdy Folks. I'm looking for some assistance getting OpenSSH working again on Windows 7 through SUA. First off, while I know my way around Windows fairly well, I'm a complete novice in everything UNIX.
I followed a guide to installing SUA and then OpenSSH. It worked. Somewhere along the line, I noticed it wasn't working anymore. I tried unsuccessfully to get it working. As far as I could tell, OpenSSH was installed and runnin, and my firewall wasn't interfering, but I couldn't SSH into my computer.
I recently had to do an upgrade install to repair several features that died and wouldn't come to life (e.g. Task Scheduler). I have tried reinstalling SUA and OpenSSH and I still have no luck.
How should I go about troubleshooting this? Will anyone please walk me through the steps I should take?