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My3SP 0.1.3 released

My3SP is a thin-client application designed to interoperate with our secure Open3SP framework server. As of release 0.1.3, My3SP is now integrated with Open3SP and may provide access to services published by the server. Currently available services include a VPN client and a corporate instant messaging client. Client settings can also be backed up to the server to allow configuration settings to be replicated across several different machines. The instant messaging module is fully-featured, providing a range of features such as smiley support, colored text, away statuses and the ability to save (and load) conversations.

Posted by Richard Pernavas 2003-10-23

Open3SP 0.1.0 released

The long awaited Open3SP framework server has now been released. Delivering role based access control and a modularized architecture, the framework server will surely be the foundation for a plethora of secure application solutions. The corporate instant messaging and VPN modules already available demonstrate the power and flexibility of this secure server solution. Once installed and in accordance with role policy, these modules dynamically provide additional tabs to users logging in via our My3SP client application. New services will be coming online shortly providing secure access to your email and file systems along with server management such as self-service account management and password synchronization.

Posted by Richard Pernavas 2003-10-23

SSHVnc 0.1.3 released

This release of SSHVnc sees the integration of the secure VNC viewer with our SSH terminal, SFTP client and SSH tunnel manager. A number of toolbar buttons have been provided to launch these applications which connect over and share the same SSH connection, removing the need to authenticate several times. The configuration process for Windows/Unix-based VNC servers has also now been greatly simplified.

Posted by Richard Pernavas 2003-10-03

SSHTerm 0.2.2 released

The latest release of our Java-based SSH terminal client includes a completely rewritten port forwarding manager, the ability to spawn a secure VNC session from the terminal, a clone terminal function and finally the default font has been changed to provide a more consistent look and feel for the GUI.

Posted by Richard Pernavas 2003-09-27

My3SP 0.1.1 released

This second release of My3SP contains a completely rewritten port forwarding manager and also includes several other important enhancements and bugfixes. ZLib compression has now been implemented allowing for more efficient SFTP file transfer and a number of further encryption ciphers are also now included in the distribution.

Posted by Richard Pernavas 2003-09-24

J2SSH 0.2.5 released

J2SSH 0.2.5 has been released. This release fixes a number of minor issues and has also been optimized to speed the process of establishing connections to SSH servers. Changes include: SftpClient methods put/get fixed to allow directory to be specified as the target - the name of the source file is then used. SftpClient method put fixed to allow absolute path to be specifed for remote only parameter. Port forwarding can be configured in SshConnectionProperties and set to autostart after client authentication.

Posted by Richard Pernavas 2003-09-12

J2SSH now dual licensed

As of release 0.2.4, our J2SSH API has been dual-licensed under LGPL and an Apache license. The main aim of this effort is to allow its usage within official Apache projects and to drive and promote further interest among the BSD community in our software.

Posted by Richard Pernavas 2003-09-09

SSHVnc 0.1.2 released

This release of our secure VNC application marks a change in our software distribution policy. The installation is now catered for using the ZeroG installer, providing distributions for Linux and Windows with and without the Java 1.4.2 VM. This release also sees the inclusion of a number of useful configuration options. These include the execution of commands on connect/disconnect allowing the user to start/stop their VNC server remotely, and predefined settings for low/high bandwidth connections.

Posted by Richard Pernavas 2003-09-08

Visit our new web site!

The all new SSHTools website is online. In response to our recent user survey we have redesigned our website from the ground up, bringing you all-new product pages, a user community site and commercial support pages for those users interested in using our products in a corporate environment. Note that the SourceForge forums have now moved to our community site. Please take the time to visit and to join our community.

Posted by Richard Pernavas 2003-09-07

SSHTerm 0.2.1 released

This release of our SSH terminal application marks a change in our software distribution policy. The installation is now catered for using the ZeroG installer, providing distributions for Linux and Windows with and without the Java 1.4.2 VM. Release 0.2.1 also includes integration with our rewritten SHiFT SFTP client for quick and easy file transfers from your terminal sessions. Full screen terminal operation has also been reworked, providing greatly improved and more stable full-screen sessions.

Posted by Richard Pernavas 2003-09-07

J2SSH 0.2.4 released

This release of the SSH API for Java fixes an SFTP issue that was causing problems when transferring large amounts of data.

Posted by Richard Pernavas 2003-09-07

My3SP 0.1.0 released

In celebration of SSHTools 1st birthday, we bring to you the first release of My3SP. My3SP is an enterprise level, thin-client application designed to seamlessly interoperate with our Open3SP server solution. Together they allow a company to publish a wide range of services to their employees, with strict role-based access control policies governing the services available to each connecting client. This first release comprises of our all-in-one connection manager, empowering the systems administrator with the ability to connect to SSH-based hosts over SFTP, Secure VNC and terminal sessions. Forthcoming releases will bring corporate instant messaging, secure VPN access and shared folders.

Posted by Richard Pernavas 2003-09-01

The SSHTools survey!

Dear SSHTools users,

We have just published the first SSHTools user survey on our website! We would appreciate it if our users would take the time to complete it.

The SSHTools project has been underway for over ten months now and the projects popularity has really taken us by surprise. Were improving the project all the time, but as time is a scarce commodity we must concentrate our efforts on the areas you really want to see improved.... read more

Posted by Richard Pernavas 2003-06-05

SSHVnc 0.1.0 beta released (with signed applet)

SSHVnc is a standalone Java VNC viewer that secures VNC access by integrating the popular TightVNC viewer with the SSHTools Java SSH API. It features a clean and easy to use interface, simplifying the complicated processes currently required to secure the VNC protocol through SSH port forwarding.

To commemorate this first beta release of SSHVnc we have now made available a signed applet version of the Java application.

Posted by Richard Pernavas 2003-05-29

SSHDaemon 0.0.9 alpha released

The following changes were made in 0.0.9:

- SFTP bug fix where NPE was encountered where no home directory was set.

- Mount fix where backslashes were not being translated prior to verifiying the mount against the VFS path, causing a file not found error.

Posted by Richard Pernavas 2003-05-27

SSHTerm Applet 0.1.3 beta released

Inital release of the SSHTerm application as an applet. This is UNSIGNED and will only work when connecting to the codebase host.

Posted by Richard Pernavas 2003-05-05

J2SSH 0.1.6 beta released

This release of J2SSH is primarily a bugfix release with fixes for several bugs submitted by our users included. There is also some re-engineering of the forwarding channel to allow less reliance upon sockets.

Posted by Richard Pernavas 2003-05-05

SSHTerm 0.1.3 beta released

This bugfix orientated release sees a number of cosmetic improvements, such as password masking and better handling of keyboard-interactive authentication. Integration with SHiFT, our SFTP client has also been updated and improved.

Posted by Richard Pernavas 2003-05-05

SHiFT 0.0.5 alpha released

This release of SHiFT comprises of mainly cosmetic enhancements to the interface, such as improved file transfer progress dialogs and the file details now show the correct last modified date and file size.

Posted by Richard Pernavas 2003-05-05

SSNVnc 0.0.1 alpha released

SSHTools have released the first version of SSHVnc, a standalone Java application based on the popular TightVNC viewer with integrated SSH support.

Posted by Lee David Painter 2003-05-01

SSHDaemon 0.0.5 released

Changes in release 0.0.5 alpha

* SFTP server bug fix where SSH_FXP_FSTAT was not implemented.

* Processes are created in a suspended state before being resumed in order to make sure that no channel data is sent before the channel has been actually opened, this sometimes caused the beginning of the shell output to be lost.

* Fixed forwarding bug where local forwarding channels were not being created.... read more

Posted by Richard Pernavas 2003-04-27

J2SSH 0.1.3 beta released

The fourth beta release of J2SSH is primarily intended to ease the configuration of the API and resolve a number of long outstanding minor issues allowing J2SSH to conform more rigidly to the SSH2 protocol specification. Additionally, and by popular demand the logging of debug information has now been switched off by default.

Posted by Richard Pernavas 2003-04-27

SSHDaemon 0.0.4 alpha released

The latest release of SSHDaemon comprises of several bugfixes and two major feature enhancements. The daemon now runs as a service under Windows, and also now offers an SFTP server implementation using a configurable Virtual File System.

Posted by Richard Pernavas 2003-04-15

SHiFT 0.0.4 alpha released

Minor bugfix release, rebuilt with latest version of J2SSH (0.1.2)

Posted by Richard Pernavas 2003-04-13

SSHTerm 0.1.2 beta released

This second beta release consists of several minor bugfixes and slight changes to the architecture to allow for the ease of development of a number of forthcoming features.

Posted by Richard Pernavas 2003-04-13