harshal talele - 2013-06-10


I am J2SSH library from Sourceforge. I have a java program using which i am trying to connect to a Solaris machine using J2SSH.

While doing authentication via public key authentication method.
I have generated private/public key using ssh-keygen utility on Solaris machine.
Copied passed private key & passphrase to my java program and added public key in ~/.ssh/authorization_keys file.

I am getting an error such as "Can't read key due to cryptography problems: java.security.NoSuchAlgorithmException: Unsupported passphrase algorithm: AES-128-CBC".

This seems to be because my private key is by default getting created with AES-128-CBC encryption alogrithm by ssh-keygen utility on Solaris 11.

Authentication works fine if private key is created with older versions of ssh-keygen, which create it with DES-EDE3-CBC encryption algorithm.

Can anyone please help me how I can fix this problem?
Is there a way to make J2SSH support AES-128-CBC algorithm?

Thanks in advance,