On 26/07/13 20:27, Bruce Korb wrote:

This list seems pretty dead.  If still alive, I'd like to add a config file:
which would hold passwords in a layout similar to ~/.ssh/config
maybe like:

Host foobar
  Password    mumble

and the command line would be scanned for "[ \t@]XXX:" to detect
which host is being used.  As you know
   sshpass -p mumble
exposes the process information, but also:
  SSHPASS=mumble sshpass -e ...
winds up in a history file and the -d and -f techniques are cumbersome.
Such code might not be a 100% cover of all uses of sshpass, but for
the remaining cases, using the "traditional" methods would still work.

So let me know if you want the patch.
Sending the patch to an open source project is the rule rather than the exception.