On 05/06/2012 07:00 PM, Arsen.Shnurkov wrote:
 In several places:

First is definition of SIGWINCH

#ifndef SIGWINCH
#include <sys/signal.h>

Second is open function:

// in FreeBSD, opening a terminal does not cause it
// to become a process's controlling terminal.
// The flag O_NOCTTY is included only for compatibility;.

I need context for this second change. Best would be if you could send it as a patch (svn diff). Also, is there anywhere I can read on how FreeBSD actually manages the controlling tty?

char strControllingTerminalName[L_ctermid];
if (0 != strcmp(strControllingTerminalName, name))
    * Slave becomes stdin/stdout/stderr of child.
    if (dup2(fds, STDIN_FILENO) != STDIN_FILENO)
        perror("dup2 error to stdin");
    if (dup2(fds, STDOUT_FILENO) != STDOUT_FILENO)
        perror("dup2 error to stdout");
    if (dup2(fds, STDERR_FILENO) != STDERR_FILENO)
        perror("dup2 error to stderr");
    if (fds != STDIN_FILENO &&
        fds != STDOUT_FILENO &&
        fds != STDERR_FILENO)

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