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ssh2dos v0.2.1 released

- Added vt340.kbd for VT340 emulation
- Real-mode binary should work on 8086 processors
- Mode switching bug is fixed in non-vesa modes

Posted by Daniel Nagy 2006-04-23

SSH2DOS v0.2.0 released

- Added SOCKS5 and HTTP proxy support
- Added keyboard-interactive authentication method
- Added scp support
- Telnet included

Posted by Daniel Nagy 2005-12-31

kbd-int auth and scp

The CVS version of ssh2dos now supports scp and keyboard-interactive authentication.

Posted by Daniel Nagy 2005-11-01

SSHDOS 0.95 and SSH2DOS 0.1.1 released

The 'too lage packet' bug is fixed

Posted by Daniel Nagy 2003-11-26

SSH2DOS 0.1.0 released

Many features added, bugs fixed

Posted by Daniel Nagy 2003-11-21

0.94 released

Although I promosed that there will be no more major SSH1 releases, here's one more :) Working on SSH2 I implemented some things which deserve to be in SSH1 as well.

Posted by Daniel Nagy 2003-11-14

SSH2DOS initial release

This is the initial release of SSH2DOS which is the updated version of SSHDOS (an SSH client for DOS based systems) using the SSH v2.0 protocol. SFTP client is also included.
CVS is updated with a new ssh2dos branch.

Posted by Daniel Nagy 2002-07-31

v0.93 released

This will be the last major release of the SSH1 line, as work on SSH2 is on the way. Bugfixes and patches are welcome of course. Please read the release notes and changelog for further details.

Posted by Daniel Nagy 2002-07-20

v0.92 released

- Added -a option for keepalive packet support
- Added telnet utility
- Added RSA public key authentication
- Added ALT-X key combination to terminate a session

Posted by Daniel Nagy 2002-06-20

Keepalive support


The CVS version has keepalives support now. The -a command line option can be used to specify the timeout in minutes between two keepalive packets.


Posted by Daniel Nagy 2002-04-19

sshdos v0.91 is ready

SSHDOS is a DOS port of SSH and SCP client. Needs a packet driver (or a PPP driver for dialup connection) only.

For release notes, please check the download page.

Posted by Daniel Nagy 2002-03-29

new sshdos in CVS


New version of SSHDOS is available via CVS. I'll prepare a full release soon, after some bugfixing. This release supports compressed communication (using zlib 1.1.4 - only works in the DJGPP version), local printing and many linux terminal emulation fixes. Now the linux kernel 'make menuconfig' looks cool too:)



Posted by Daniel Nagy 2002-03-26

SSHDOS v0.9 released

SSHDOS v0.9 is released. Some bugs fixed, added better SCP, keymap support, etc.

Posted by Daniel Nagy 2002-02-11

CVS update - ISO Latin charset support

The CVS is updated to the latest version. Few changes, but anyone who
wants to use ISO Latin charsets with SSHDOS should check it out.


Posted by Daniel Nagy 2001-07-17

v0.8 is released

- added xterm-color support
- added -s switch
- terminal emulation bugfixes

Posted by Daniel Nagy 2001-04-05

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