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RCSoccerSim 8.03 Released

The RoboCup Soccer Simulator is a platform for evaluating multiple autonomous intelligent agents in a real world like domain.

This version includes some defect corrections, new features and substantial code cleanup.

Posted by Anonymous 2002-02-08

Old soccer servers

For those of you who are interested in what the server used to be like, you can now download them.

They are all there, including version 0.1 :)

Posted by Anonymous 2002-01-10

rcsoccersim-8.02 released

The RoboCup Soccer Simulator is a research and educational tool for multi-agent systems and artificial intelligence. It enables for two teams of 11 simulated autonomous robotic players to play soccer (football).

Version 8.02 is out and should be compatible with gcc-3.0. This version also includes a number of bug fixes and extra features. Please read the ChangeLog for details.

Posted by Anonymous 2001-10-23


Soccer Server Version 8.00 uses automake and autoconf to easy the compilation
and installation process. Please read INSTALL for all the information about
building and installing.

You will also notice that the server has been renamed to rcssserver, which is
short for The RoboCup SOccer Simulator Server.

The server no longer is distributed with the logplayer and monitor. These are
available as seperate downloads called rcsslogplayer and rcssmonitor.... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2001-09-06

Server 7.09

The latest server is now available. It includes fixes for collisions and adjustment of the packet length. See the Changes file for more details.


Posted by Anonymous 2001-06-29


The source files for the latest manual have been
checked in into the repository.

Posted by Oliver Obst 2001-05-18