Doug - 2011-06-24

Regarding the 2d soccer simulator, I am interested in logging the sensor data
that is distributed to the player clients on the server side, i.e. a log file
for each of the connected clients, or one log file which identifies the client
recipient. This is similar to the .rcl log file, but shows what the clients
receive rather than what they send. I want to do this on the server side,
since I'll be dealing with numerous client programs, many of which the source
is not available. Is there a mechanism like this already, which requires
changing a config setting, or do I need to customize the rcssserver or
rcsslogplayer for this purpose? If I need to write this feature myself, where
would be the best place to go about it? I have been sorting through some of
the server and logplayer source, but in an effort to save time, any guidance
would be greatly appreciated. By the way, I'm working with the most recent
builds, i.e. rcssserver-15.0.1 and rcsslogplayer-15.0.0.