Evgeni - 2007-04-11

I'm interesting in relations beetwen Scheme and XML technologies. Now
I'm looking for mapping from s-expressions to XML.
I know about SXML and it's approach, but SXML is mainly mapping from
XML to s-expressions. Mapping that I'm finding should have some properties to be convenient for me.
There is a lot of obvious ways to map s-expressions to some XML if you want to serialize s-expression to XML. I want to navigate over s-exprs. via XPath. I have some framework that could provide possibility to navigate other random tree if it has mapping to XML. So I need to have mapping from s-exprs. to navigate over it's tree structure. I would like to have mapping which maps (a (b)) to something like that: <a><b/></a> to have possibility to write xpath in convinient way. Do you know about something approach to map any s-exspression to XML with specified properties?