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srvx 1.1 released

After much development, the srvx development team is proud to announce the release of srvx version 1.1. This version includes many improvements relative to the 1.0 series of releases -- too many to conveniently list here. A fairly complete list of changes can be found at

Some of the more prominent changes are:
- Email support for some account management; users who are on a new hostmask, or who forget their password, can change it using email rather than needing network staff to help.
- A new HelpServ bot type, which is able to handle queues of questions and assign them to staff.
- Many features that make life easier for administrators and network staff, including a "do not register" list for channels.
- Simplified proxy checking code, so that it runs on more systems and with lower overhead.

Posted by Entrope 2002-05-04

srvx-1.0 released

After long development, we've released srvx-1.0. Except for the proxy checking, this is expected to be stable for production use. We plan to make further 1.0-series releases to fix issues currently known and any that we discover.

In the mean time, development on the next major release has been going on at a furious pace. It's looking more like a 2.0 release than 1.1, and will include more new and improved features than you can shake a stick at.

Posted by Entrope 2001-10-31