i'm install my plugins with the following comands:

 # gunzip plugin_name.tar.gz
 # tar -xvf plugin_name.tar
 # mv plugin_name  /path_to_plugins_directory/plugins/
 # chon -R -h -t httpd_sys_content_t /path_to_plugins_directory/plugins/plugin_name  (this is because i use hr that his use sulinux) (thanks to Tomas Kuliavas for his help)
and later run conf.pl to install the plugin and configre them...

I hope his help you..


2007/10/29, Fredrik Jervfors <jervfors@squirrelmail.org>:
"alex" wrote:
> I have SM 1.4.9a-2, Apache/1.3.34.
> I can't install plugins. I downloaded them and untarred into /plugins,
> but when i run config.pl I can't see them. What should I have to do?

Did you check file permissions?


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Salu2 ;)