2006/4/12, Jay Lee <jlee@pbu.edu>:
What does /var/log/httpd/error_messages say when you click on the large
folder (try "tail -f /var/log/httpd/error_messages").  I had a similar
problem and it turned out to be my PHP memory limits were being run up
against.  I had to bump the memory_limit setting in php.ini to get it to


Thanks Jay it works now!

But how is this possible because I just checked the old servers' php.ini and that had same amount of memory reserved for scirpts
I changed it now to 64 just in case btu still this new server has 2GB ECC memory and it's a x86_64 OS instead of  just 1GB memory of the old server and  that was a 32 bits OS and hardware.

So what exactly changed here? Tried 1.4.6 also on the old server for a couple of weeks without any problem so it can't be the code right?

Maybe the downgrade from PHP 4.3.11 to 4.3.9 ?