I'm using Squirrelmail version 1.4.22 on RHEL 6.4 with httpd 2.2.15 and PHP 5.3.3. 

I'm using MySQL 5.1.67 backend to store preferences(table userprefs and address). 

I've following plugins configured and most of them are functioning properly.
{ administrator, calendar, delete_move_next, demo, filters, fortune, bug_report, info, listcommands, message_details, newmail, sent_subfolders, spamcop, squirrelspell, translate, postfixadmin }

The only problem I'm facing is frequent occurrences of  
"Preference database error (unknown error) ". 

I've checked the wiki page at http://squirrelmail.org/wiki/BrowseProblemsByPhpError where the bug has been documented. 

Is there any fix in the recent releases of squirrelmail? Or any known workarounds for this?


- Manish.