http-over-ssl on 80 port. Why are you doing it? What's wrong with basic
https://hostname/ and why do you want to show port numbers to end users. It
can also be the cause of your secure cookie failure.

OK i  had just installed HTTPS support in prep for SM.. although I do not remember doing that in my earlier service
HTTPS is only of marginal use tio me since I have 7 hosts and onty two IPS

It had issues which I have correccted

not sure what u mean by "show port numbers to users"

After i got my basic https default side up everything actually worked on the browsers
except FF got the same long message again,,  

Is pecl-APC-3.1.9_1 port installed and enabled in your PHP configuration, if
you use Apache DSO module?

ITHis was not... i installedf and activated that and memcache

after  did that i got the can't login error

meantime safari and IE were happy

turned off secure cookies and all is happy

Is server side sorting turned on in SquirrelMail configuration?

no oy os false although SOrty and THread are availabel onf dovecot

Can you reproduce same problem in basic SquirrelMail setup without vlogin
overrides and without port hacks?

have not tried that yet

A02 namespace
... show this response

* NAMESPACE (("" "/")) NIL (("Public/" "/"))

I seem to have the issue boiled down to FF 

Safari and IR work fine